Bride Spotlight: Hannah Leftwick in our Inka Gown

Hannah is a blonde California beauty who married her high-school sweet heart, birthed a gorgeous baby girl and lived happily ever after. Read on to learn about Hannah’s fairytale life and her wisdom on getting hitched!

Antonio Gual: How did you and your love meet?

Hannah Leftwick: We are high school sweethearts and we started dating our senior year of high school.

AG: How did you decide on your Antonio Gual gown? Did you have an “OMG” moment of clarity?

HL: It really was meant to be. The dress shop I happened to be browsing through was having a Tulle New York trunk show. I had no clue! Although I knew I wanted to wear lace, I wasn’t loving how all the heavy lace gowns felt. When I tried on the delicate chantilly lace gown though, I simply fell in love. Having Antonio Gual there himself there to tell me how beautiful I looked was the cherry on top!

AG: When they a movie of your life, who will play you and who will play your hubby?

HL: Oh boy! Naturally the first names that come to mind are Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds. Them being in love in real life makes them even more perfect to play us.

AG: What was the best part about your wedding day?

HL: It is hard to pick one best part of our wedding day because we felt like the whole day was truly blessed and perfect in every way. What made it so amazing was being surrounded by our family and close friends.

AG: Whats the secret to having a happy marriage?

HL: I think the secret to a happy marriage is always putting your partner’s happiness before your own. If the husband and wife are servant hearted and strive to put the other first, the marriage will flourish. It is definitely easier said than done, but it is what we are striving for.

AG: Whats the best part about being a new mother?

HL: Being a new mother is the best thing in the world, I truly love everything about it. But I think one of the best parts is how it puts your whole life into perspective and things you used to think were important just aren’t that important anymore.

xo, Antonio Gual New York