Ashley Sparks Mullins in our Larissa Gown

Ashley is a sweet blonde beauty from Ohio who just so happens to be an Antonio Gual newlywed. She exudes beauty and love in everything she does. We sat down to speak with Ashley about her hubby and tips for brides-to-be!

Antonio Gual: How did you and your hubby meet?

Ashley: I met my husband Logan when I was a senior in High School after a football game in a Gold Star Chili parking lot. At my high school, its a tradition to go to the local Gold Star Chili after home games. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cincinnati natives, it is worth noting that chili is very important to us. My friends and I had just got out of our cars when some guys pulled up in “cool” cars so I stopped them to see who they were. In 2004, “cool” cars were all the rage and the guys driving them were even more impressive. Logan just so happened to be one of those intriguing guys. After he introduced himself to me, our connection was undeniable. We hit it off right away and well… the rest is history!

AG: Why did you choose your Antonio Gual dress? Did you have that “OMG… this is IT” moment?

A: I knew I wanted an all tulle, modern gown. When I started just looking for a gown I wasn’t finding anything that was fashion forward, different and cool. At the time, I wasn’t ready to purchase a gown since I didn’t have a wedding date nor a venue. Despite this, I took a look at my local bridal salon’s website, Lace Bridal Couture, where they posted that they were having their first Antonio Gual Trunk Show. After being directed to Antonio Gual’s website, I knew that “Larissa” was everything that I was looking for! They overnighted the gown for me because it wasn’t originally part of the Trunk Show. I only got to try on the mini dress because they didn’t have the tulle skirt with it, but I still knew it was “The ONE!”

I’d have to say my Antonio Gual “Larissa” gown chose me! I always say, I did separates before it was a thing. I purchased my gown in August 2014. This whole experience led me to fall in love with bridal fashion, so I began working at Lace Bridal Couture a month later. I love being a bridal stylist! 

AG: Whats the most romantic thing your hubby has ever done for you??

A: I’d have to say that his proposal was the most romantic thing he has ever done for me! It was so over the top and romantic that it would be hard to beat. Lets just say that a stretch limo, a helicopter, a 12’x12′ sign, our families, and a stunning Yellow diamond were all involved.

AG: Whats on the top of your travel bucket list?

A: I have two. First, I want to go on a Safari in South Africa and Botswana. Second, I want to visit Antarctica. I know sounds a bit crazy but I want to visit every continent! 

AG: Do you have any advice for future brides?

A: My advice for brides comes from working with them as a bridal stylist and its simple. Get the gown that YOU love! So many brides try to please everyone and end up not finding a gown because they are surrounded by too many opinions. Limit the amount of people with shop with. Bring a supportive group, and trust yourself! 

AG: We saved the best for last… whats the most fun part about being a bride?

A: The most fun part about being a bride is making all the lovely memories with your family! Between the proposal, the ceremony and the reception, you will have have a blast with all of it. Don’t forget that planning can be fun! Getting to make lifetime memories with your family and loved ones is a special experience that should be treasured. It’s such a loving, yet sometimes stressful, time in your life but being able to share those times with your family is the most fun part of being a bride! 

xo, Antonio Gual New York